A new service from Hivemind

Chrissie Cormack Wood •

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Since we spun out from Winton Group, the global investment management firm, in early 2018, we’ve followed the typical software-as-a-service (SaaS) business model—hosting our software on the cloud and giving our clients access on an annual licence basis.

Increasingly however, we’ve been talking to businesses who either don’t have the necessary resources to use the platform themselves or if they do, they’re an already over-stretched asset.

For clients who face this resource obstacle, we now offer a fully managed service. Here are the key data challenges we can resolve for you...

  • Data Collection: we can create proprietary, useful, structured datasets from any source, no matter how messy or unstructured it might be

  • Data Labelling: we can produce accurate, unbiased training data for the development of machine learning algorithms

  • Data Wrangling: we can enrich, clean, map and monitor your datasets, in detail and at scale

  • Data Elicitation: we can elicit probabilistic predictions of variables you care about

Our new end-to-end managed service means our own highly skilled data scientists will design, build and manage your data projects—creating high-quality data structured to your specifications, and delivering it to you in your preferred format and frequency. This process includes:

  • - Designing a solution based on your own project specifications

  • - Building, populating and testing it securely in our software

  • - Sourcing a workforce to complete the work quickly and accurately

  • - Configuring comprehensive data quality processes

  • - Managing the solution, including edits or maintenance

  • - Delivering your data

If you’d like to find out more about this service and meet the data scientists who’ll help you solve your toughest unstructured data problems, contact us for us an initial discussion.