YIELD 21 Predict our harvest

Yield21 is a competition to predict the national average wheat yield for the UK in 2021. The competition is structured as a prediction market in which participants buy and sell outcomes using virtual on-platform credits.

The Yield21 prediction market is hosted on AGORA. This video explains how to use the AGORA user interface when taking part in Yield21.

The prediction market for UK wheat yields opens at 1:00PM (UTC, London time) on Monday 1 February. The market will close at 1:00PM (BST, London time) on Thursday 30th September and will be settled using the final DEFRA yield figure published in December.

An example of last year's published number for the wheat yield (7 tonnes/hectare) can be found in this publication from DEFRA.

There is also a replica demonstration market which is open already. The demonstration market has NO rewards and NO leader board but you can use it to familiarize yourself with AGORA.

As well as using the AGORA user interface you can also participate using the AGORA API. An introduction to using the API is available: Getting Started with the AGORA API. There is also an API Swagger page.

Data from Agrimetrics and Weather Logistics will be made available to Yield21 participants, should you wish to use it. To obtain that data you will need to sign up for a free Agrimetrics user account (go to Agrimetrics - Data Catalogue and click “Sign up”) and, after you have signed up, contact help@agrimetrics.co.uk stating that you are signing up as part of the Yield21 competition.

Yield21 is sponsored by Agrimetrics and Weather Logistics.