Hivemind+ 0.4.2 — Migration to pyodbc

Riaz Karim, •

We are happy to announce a new version of Hivemind+. The change in this release is a move away from the pypyodbc library to the more established pyodbc.

While initially we preferred the pure-Python nature of pypyodbc, we found that that pyodbc worked more seamlessly with a wider variety of ODBC drivers. It seems pypyodbc is largely inactive from its PyPi release history.

As always, please reach out to with any comments, issues, or feedback on your experiences.

What is Hivemind+?

Hivemind+ is a open-source Python library that interacts with the Hivemind API in the cloud, allowing you to easily create and analyse tasks, as well as chain together multiple tasks to build workflows for more complicated data processes.

While you are free to use any programming language to build your own workflows our early users found it useful to use and share this wrapper in Python.

It works by connecting to a local database that you specify and queries for new instances to be pushed to Hivemind. An agreement function that you define is run against downloaded results and the library automatically reiterates instances that have yet to achieve your data quality target. To get started or to find out more, check out the project page on PyPi. As it’s open-source, we welcome contributions and improvements through our BitBucket repository.