Data Quality, Template Functions, and Results.

Riaz Karim, •

The Hivemind platform pushes the envelope when giving our clients the tools to increase the accuracy of collected data. This new release provides more advanced methods to check whether two or more responses are in agreement. We also offer some new functions to use in your Handlebars templates, and improved downloading of results in Studio.

Data Quality

Previously, on-platform agreement checking only allowed a response to be chosen in its entirety as the consensus answer. In cases where responses consist of multiple segments, this could result in more iterations being required than is strictly necessary as we strive for complete agreement between responses before taking a consensus result. This release introduces additional options for how you want agreement to work, giving you the opportunity to decide whether you want responses to be combined in order to create the consensus result, allowing you to potentially reduce the number of iterations (and therefore the cost) required for each instance.

The following modes are available: