Form Builder Improvements, Workflow, and Fonts.

Alex Taroghion, •

Form Builder

With the initial release of the builder we received some great feedback — please keep it coming! This release sees the ability to add sections to your task form. This can be used to break up the form that is presented to task contributors into logical steps.


Task Workflow

We have made some improvements to make managing the workflow of your task simpler:

Automatic Approval

We have added an option on the task creation screen to enable “Automatic Approval”. When enabled the task will go straight to qualifying contributors upon submission without a review step.


Instance and Iteration Result Actions

You can now cancel instances and reject results from Studio.


Instance Table

The instance page now has a fully sortable table enabling you to find tasks which have used lots of time or iterations to meet agreement. You can also find a specific instance using the filter.


Note: filtering and sorting are also available via the API.

Fonts in Markdown

Many clients have tasks in a variety of languages using non-latin scripts for documentation and instructions. To aid the readability there is a new fonttag that you can use to change the font in task documentation and instructions.

The syntax for this is {font: <font name>}<Text in the new font> .

For example:

This will display in YaHei: {font: Microsoft YaHei}日本放送 協会, this in Tahoma: {font: Tahoma} عندما ذهبت إلى المكتبة , and unfortunately {font: Comic Sans MS} this in Comic Sans

Will render this:


Other Improvements